School of Biodanza Original SRT – Madrid



The School aims to train professionals of excellence in the “Biodanza Rolando Toro System”, according to the original methodology and the theoretical model created by Rolando Toro Araneda. The training is aimed at people who want to become Teachers of Biodanza, as well as people who wish to start a process of personal growth and increase their emotional, cognitive and vivencial skills.


The School of Biodanza Original SRT of Madrid belongs to BIODANZA ROLANDO TORO, international organization that regulates the teaching of the original Biodanza of Rolando Toro. Likewise, it has the “Biodanza Original” International Certification that accredits the quality of the training offered.


The School and all its Didacta professors have the International Certification “Biodanza Original” that certifies a continuous and updated training attached to the original method created by Rolando Toro.


The team of professors is from the highest level and from very different countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Brazil and Chile. Most of them directly trainned by Rolando Toro.

The professionals trained in this school will obtain a solid formation in the theoretical, practical (vivencial) and ethical aspects of Biodanza. For three years students develop their human potentials through a group work of respect and intimacy.


The graduates of the School of Madrid will have the title of Teacher of Biodanza at the end of their training and, in addition, the International Certification “Biodanza Original”.


School Team


Rodrigo Toro Sánchez



Moreyba Santana Rodríguez

School Coordinator


María Miret García

School Collaborator

Didacta Teachers of the School


Claudete Sant’Anna

School of Belo Horizonte / Brazil


Eliane Matuk

School of Milano / Italy


Gittith Sánchez

School of Santiago / Chile


Marcelo Mur

School of Liguria / Italy

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Nadia Costa

School of Switzerland

IMG_3122 (2)

Viviana Toro

School of Trieste / Italy

Guest teachers

Elisa Canti

 School of Tenerife / Spain

Elizabeth Rojas

School of Avignon / France

Lucia Helena Ramos

School of Pernambuco / Brazil

Nathalie & Vishnuda

School of Paris / France

The School

The Biodanza training course has an average duration of three years, in which the student must comply with the “Unique Training Program of Biodanza SRT”. In the School more than 75% of the classes are taught by professors who have been directly trained by Rolando Toro Araneda.


The School of Biodanza of Madrid is a space for individual and group development within an environment of intimacy.


Its objective is to offer a suitable training to practice the profession of Teacher of Biodanza doing classes in different types of institutions (educational, social, business and in the field of health and well-being).

In order to enter the Training School, the student must have previously done a minimum of 50 hours of Biodanza vivencias (weekly course or weekend workshops).


For their own personal and vivencial development, attendance to a weekly Biodanza course is also a requierment during the entire training process.

Work system

  • 1

    The School works one weekend a month (Saturday and Sunday), according to a calendar scheduled in advance.

  • 2

    Each monthly module is structured by a theoretical part and a vivencia part, and have a duration of twelve hours in total.

  • 3

    Each module deals with a specific topic of the Unique Program and the student is given the didactic note of the subject dealt with.

  • 4

    After each module of formation, the student must elaborate a brief theoretical story on the subject taught.

Training program

The training consists of 30 theoretical-experiential (vivenciales) modules, two lectures (seminars) on theoretical topics related to the Biodanza System, conduction of groups under supervision in the third year and finally the presentation of a degree monograph.

A. Theoretical-experiential (vivencia) modules on specific subjects of Biodanza

  • Origins and History of Biodanza (Introduction)
  • Definition of Theoretical Model of Biodanza
  • Biocentric Principle and Living Unconsciousness
  • The Vivencia
  • Biological Aspects of Biodanza
  • Physiological Aspects of Biodanza
  • Psychological Aspects of Biodanza
  • Identity and Integration
  • Trance and Regression
  • Mythic and Philosophic Antecedents of Biodanza
  • Contact and Caress
  • The Human Movement
  • Vitality
  • Sexuality
  • Creativity
  • Affectivity
  • Transcendence
  • Biodanza and Neurosciences
  • Action Mechanisms of Biodanza
  • Application and Extension of Biodanza
  • Biodanza Ars Magna
  • Biodanza and Social Action
  • Music in Biodanza
  • Methodology I (Musical Semantics)
  • Methodology II (Biodanza Session – first part)
  • Methodology III (Biodanza Session – second part))
  • Methodology IV (Weekly Course and Stage of Biodanza)
  • Methodology V (Biodanza Group)
  • Methodology VI (Development Evaluation Measures in Biodanza)
  • Methodology VII (Official List of the Biodanza Exercises)

B. Conferences on related topics / Theoretical-experiential (vivencial) seminars

Topics indicated at the discretion of the Director with a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve.


  • Music history.
  • Biodanza in the historical and anthropological context of the dance.
  • Structure and evolution of the universe.
  • Theories about the origin and characteristics of life.
  • Biodanza, a new epistemology.
  • Evolution of the human species from prehistory to our days.
  • Subjects of theoretical psychology to be studied.
  • Ethics. Code of Ethics of the Teacher of Biodanza.
  • The place of language in Biodanza.
  • Listening and speaking in Biodanza.
  • Creative writing lab.
  • Epigenetics.

C. Project Minotauro

One or two modules of the Minotauro Project, both optional.


The Minotauro Project is a methodology for the discovery of one’s own identity. It proposes making contact with our instincts and with the primordial force that exists in us. Use for this the myth of ancient Greece, where the labyrinth represents our inner path, the search for oneself.

The schedule of Biodanza School of Madrid

Module: Biodanza and Neurosciences

Didacta: Gittith Sánchez 16-17 january 2021

Module: The Music in Biodanza

Didacta: Rodrigo Toro 13-14 february 2021

Module: Sexuality

Didacta: Rodrigo Toro 13-14 march 2021

Module: Affectivity

Didacta: Nadia Costa 17-18 april 2021

Module: Seminars

Didacta: School Team 8-9 may 2021

Module: Transcendence

Didacta: Eliane Matuk 19-20 june 2021

Residential Workshop: Minotauro Project

Didacta: Viviana Toro and Rodrigo Toro 9-10-11 july 2021

Module: Methodology 1

Didacta: Marcelo Mur 11-12 september 2021

Module: Methodology 2

Didacta: Rodrigo Toro 16-17 october 2021

Module: Methodology 3

Didacta: Viviana Toro 13-14 november 2021

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